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Representation during ANAF inspections - over 20 years of experience. Accounting Services Oradea


Accounting Services Oradea

In accordance with our client’s object of activity, we offer the accounting, fiscal and legal solutions.

Accounting adapted in accordance with the economic activity’s particularity
Accounting programs adapted to the object of activity, online operation
Operation and verification of the documents at the beneficiaries’ headquarters, when demanded
Implementation of integrated programs for production and accounting, at the beneficiaries’ preference (we have successfully implemented the SAP program)
Financial statements and economic analyses, issued monthly or on a trimestrial basis, which reflect the real economical performance of the company, adapted to the demands of the in charge individuals, that provide a thorough basis for the management decision-making process. The content, format and the language in which these statements will be edited will be decided by the clients
Consolidated balance sheets for groups of companies, including affiliated companies from the EU or non-EU

servicii contabilitate oradea reprezentare anaf bihor daiamar

servicii contabilitate oradea daiamar servicii resurse umane firma

The offer for the services will be in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Law

he Accounting Law provides for the possibility of organising and conducting based on the contracts concluded with people registered in the CECCAR

Account file issued monthly (accounts component)
Journal issued monthly
Verification Balance Sheet issued monthly
Annual Balance Sheet

The offer for the services in accordance with the Fiscal Law requirements and the Tax Procedure Code

The Tax Procedure Code is regulating the rights and obligations of the parties from the fiscal juridical relationships, concerning the administration of the fiscal receivables owed to the general consolidated budget

VAT settlement
Tax and levies statement
Verification Balance Sheet issued monthly
Tax and levies statement
Recapitulative statement concerning the Intra-Community acquisitions and intra-Community deliveries Recapitulative statement concerning acquisitions and deliveries on the national territory
Any statements requested by the Romanian Legislation with regards to accounting and fiscality
Issue of the necessary documentation for the VAT receivable from the budget
Representation of the clients in relationship with the ‘Directia Generala a Finantelor Publice Bihor’ (including the case of fiscal inspections)
Establishing of the financial performance according to revenues and expenses
Establishing fiscal obligations (taxes and levies) owed to the Romanian budget

servicii juridice servicii contabilitate oradea daiamar

Representation ANAF controls
Accounting Services Oradea

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Having a deep understanding of the on the subject legislation and a permanent feature on legal, accounting and fiscal modification, the DAIAMAR experts are bound to offer to their clients the favourable accounting, fiscal and economical solutions, strongly correlated with the needs of the clients, with the European and global economical dispositions.

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